If you find yourself falling

Today I watched a wee video about a hedgehog baby named Kayak who was taken to a sanctuary when only a few days old. At 1st he could not walk without falling over but with much help from the caring people who took him in, he made huge strides in his recovery. The woman who cared for Kayak referred to him as a superhero because of how he never gave up and what she learned from little Kayak in particular stayed with me. It is as follows –

Falling with enthusiasm!

Photo credit: IN EXTREMIS – Bodies with no regret by Sandro Gardena aka __remmidemmi

Something to remember should I find myself falling or faltering on the journey towards my goals; to do it with gusto and then with the same energy get up, brush myself off and continue on!


Judging others

This is Ray, he’s 84 yrs old and about to be judged. He’s a contestant on America’s Got Talent and so here he comes with an act that will be reviewed by the judges but before Ray even opens his mouth, the audience will make a snap decision about him. People, judging by his age alone, probably expect his act will be a big yawn. What happens next is surprising and reminds me again that you’re never too old to have fun or to be inspiring. THIS guy decided to give it a try and I’m thinking he figured it’s much better to have fun than sitting at home and thinking that your time is done. Enjoy!

Ray’s audition, you be the judge -

My dilemma

I think I am fast approaching the place where I need to decide whether I can continue being my mum’s care giver or start the next chapter of my life. One is as scarey as the other.

try harder or walk away

What to do?



A potpourri of poo



Yes you heard right, or more aptly, if I have to clean up shit one more time I think I’m going to call it quits with this care giving thing. Honestly, I did not sign on for this shit (no pun intended) nor was I prepared for this. I have cleaned cow dung that was 3 feet deep and it still smells better than the potpourri of poo and diarrhea that I’ve been contending with lately.

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Good grief

good griefThat famous line from Charlie Brown…but I wonder, is there such a thing as good grief?

I’ve found myself this week having major fluctuations in my mood, swinging in and out of feelings of major sadness, loss, and sorrow. I sorely miss the friends of mine who have passed in the last few years… especially my best friend. We joked about growing old together, always being in each other’s life and ending up on a porch somewhere rocking in our chairs. Instead we were having difficult times prior to her death and so I didn’t get a chance to make amends or say good-bye. Is this why I am still struggling with this wretched grieving process?

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Alzheimer’s and peanut butter

Peanut butterWTF?

Life is strange and wonderful and it certainly never ceases to amaze me. The most recent occurrence of this is finding out that Alzheimer’s and peanuts have a connection…and no, don’t freak out as one does not cause the other.  I’m sure peanut lovers everywhere are heaving a collective sigh of relief especially as this poor member of the bean family has had such a bad rap in the last few decades. This in itself is interesting (uh-oh I feel a tangent coming on) because hey, they can put a man on the moon but what’s the explanation for the spike in peanut allergies?

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